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How does dooforyoo work?
Who benefits from dooforyoo?
What does dooforyou offer?
Networking Services


Trust is not for free, one has to work hard to earn it.

dooforyoo sees itself as a global outsourcing enabler for direct marketing, mail order and e-commerce. We act as the central contact point for all outsourcing concerns.

Profit from a collaboration with dooforyoo:

ASP Competence

dooforyoo is the operator and the developer of the fulfilment platform. We can fall back on a rich history of experience, particularly the critical aspects of performance, stability and security.

Proximity to the customer

dooforyoo is 'pull technology'. Developed with a focus on the customer and adjusted to the market requirements to create user friendliness.

Global point of view

dooforyoo is accessible worldwide over the internet and is explicitly designed for online use. Market and language borders are blurring as customers, service providers and clients move together.

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